Rachel Lukas

Summer in Sturgeon Bay

There are so many FUN activities to do this time of year!! One of our top highlights is to visit Cave Point County Park, perhaps the most iconic natural landscape of Door County.


Fall in Sturgeon Bay

As much as we hate to see summer go, we have to admit, Fall in Sturgeon Bay is one of our absolute favorite seasons. Apple picking, fall colors, hiking through nature and hearing those leaves crunch below your feet…what’s not to love?


Winter in Sturgeon Bay

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Winter! Visit the Door County Maritime Museum, visit Cave Point County Park to see the beautiful ice formations, and don’t forget our beautiful “Bridge Walk”. It’s a 1.2 mile route as you take in the wide-open spaces and the beauty that winter in Sturgeon Bay has to offer.


Spring in Sturgeon Bay

As the Winter Fleet departs, we look forward to Blossom Time in Sturgeon Bay...we will soon be enjoying the ever-popular cherry and apple blossoms, but it will also be the time for all of the beautiful daffodils, tulips, lilacs, and other spring flowers!


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